Where time stands still to create moments worth reminiscing about

From one-of-a-kind properties brimming with character to whimsical events that light up your calendar, you’ll find an enchanting experience waiting for you at Staytime.


Welcome to our world of charming stays and magical festivities where it’s less about glossy perfection and more about experiencing the carefree fun and warm hospitality of yesteryear.



At Staytime, it’s not about being picture-perfect – it’s about creating perfect memories that paint great pictures.

Imagine unique spaces and places where laughter echoes through the halls, celebrations come alive, and adventure awaits in every corner.

Our properties, rich in character and history, are your canvas for unforgettable moments — from spontaneous explorations and heart-warming fireside chats that stretch into starlit nights to exclusive soirées that surprise and delight.

Forget the smaller TV or the weak reception signal; here, it’s all about the joy of connection, the thrill of discovery, and the nostalgia of simpler times spent with the people you love the most.

Whether you spend a week away in one of our holiday homes or a night dancing under the stars at one of our bespoke events, your Staytime experience will stay with you long after the photos have been taken.

We’re Shane and Rhiannon Smith, your hosts

Staytime was born from our lifelong passion for the rich stories from the past and crafting new tales worth retelling.

Enchanted by the characters, artefacts, and histories that make each local area unique, we set out to keep these precious stories alive by restoring heritage places to their former glory, creating spaces for families to play, stay, and connect.

From a luxury country homestead to a retro beach shack, a Victorian-era estate & guest house to a cosy cottage in the mountains, we’ve lovingly transformed all our treasured locations into whimsical escapes that pay homage to the history, character, and timeless splendour of its era.

Each Staytime property is a labour of love, an ode to the past, and a chapter in our family’s story – a legacy we are creating for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Idyllic settings for unforgettable experiences that bring people together by standing apart from the others. Stays where time feels like it stands still, and you’re… compelled to linger a little longer.

That’s our wish for you.

From our family to yours, we welcome you to Staytime.

Experience a warm ‘welcome home’ to someplace new.

Your Staytime starts right now.